Joseph Bisat MarshallIrrational Responses2014

The following piece was published on the Eye magazine blog; the full article can be found here.

GraphicDesign&’s Golden Meaning project provokes designers and illustrators to interpret geometry

Late last month, Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright of GraphicDesign& launched their publication Golden Meaning at the Design Museum, writes Joseph Bisat Marshall.

This follows their first book, Page 1: Great Expectations. Golden Meaning takes us on a different path – mathematics rather than literature.

Graphic designer Lucienne Roberts and educator Rebecca Wright established GraphicDesign& to challenge preconceptions. ‘The most interesting thing about graphic design... is what it connects to’, explained Wright. Golden Meaning collates the responses of 55 designers and image-makers to the same brief – to explore and communicate the idea of the ‘golden mean’ across one or two double-page spreads, accompanied by a written rationale for the work.