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The following piece was published on the Eye magazine blog; the full article can be found here.

Magazine geeks gather at the second annual Modern Magazine conference in London

The second Modern Magazine conference organised by magCulture’s Jeremy Leslie was an enthusiastic celebration of the power of editorial design. The focus was on the relationship between print and digital, and on the differences between independent publishing and the mainstream, writes Joseph Bisat Marshall. Liv Siddall (from It’s Nice That) hosted proceedings and introduced the first speaker, Rob Orchard, editor of ‘slow-journalism’ magazine, Delayed Gratification. The magazine launched four years ago during what Orchard describes as a ‘renaissance of independent magazines’ that countered the ‘print is dead’ argument. Orchard explained that in recent years, news groups have reached a point where they now ‘value being first above being right’ and journalists fill space with speculation and fake controversies.