Joseph Bisat MarshallThe Greatest Books You’ll Never Read2015

The Greatest Books You’ll Never Read by Bernard Richards was published by Cassell, a division of Octopus Publishing Group. The book features works of literature from notable writers throughout history, each one left unfinished at the time of the author’s death.

A selection of designers and illustrators were commissioned to produce book covers as illustrations of the literary works featured. I was commissioned to produce three designs: La Comédie Humaine, Don Juan and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Originally the brief was to design the covers to appear to have been designed when the books were originally published. The client relaxed this specification in order to inject more excitement, particularly into the pre-19th century covers, though I was keen to retain as much historical integrity as possible.

The Greatest Books You’ll Never Read, 2015

La Comédie Humaine cover, 2015

Don Juan cover, 2015

The Mystery of Edwin Drood cover, 2015